Why We Added A Handyman Service

Why We Added A Handyman Service

We started a separate Handyman company because my employee and partner Vincent Tuccio, has been an active Handyman for almost four decades.  His experience is unmatched and works perfectly as a jack of all trades.  I hired Vinny for my General Contracting business in 2013 to cover miscellaneous carpentry type scope. 

As a general contractor, we work on many different types of projects that involve a wide variety of work scopes.  Some of the work scope does not always fall into the ‘usual’ work of our subcontractor crews.  We call this type of work, scope gaps.  Scope gaps can be items like, demo, framing, doors, windows, cabinets, fencing, appliance install, etc…  These items are perfect for a Handyman and creates a great asset for a general contracting business. 

Best of all, our two companies have the ability to join forces and cover any project, big or small.  In many cases, a handyman call or service can lead into requests for larger remodel projects, such as, a bathroom or kitchen remodel.  We are experienced, equipped, and capable to maintain the client relationship and tend to any of their needs. 

We maintain an active license and insurance for both companies and help to create a seamless partnership. 


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