How to Pick the Right Paint Colors

How to Pick the Right Paint ColorsPainting your house can be a great way to liven it up or to make it look new again. It is an especially good idea before you decide to rent your house or put it on the market. While painting can be a relatively quick and easy way to improve the value and ambiance of your house, it can also be stressful, starting with the very first decision you have to make- what color to paint your rooms.

In the case of a home, you are about to sell, white or off-white is generally a good selection because different people have different preferences for colors and it is possible that someone coming in will not like your choice and decide to repaint anyway. A white color is neutral and wouldn’t upset anybody. There are exceptions where you may want to sell a more ‘complete’ home with a selected color scheme and furniture, etc.

If you are just painting your house for yourself, then you should think about how you want each room to feel and how the different parts of the house will mesh together. The color wheel is a great place to start to give you an idea of what you like. From there, utilize the local paint store and their personnel as well as a large number of switches to really narrow down on the perfect color and shade choice. There are a lot of things that you will have to decide on beyond just the color and shade including the sheen as well as what brand of paint to go with.

Glossier paint is typically easier to clean so keep that in mind from a usability standpoint. This makes it a good choice for kids’ rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. A semi-gloss is a good middle if you don’t want too much shine in those rooms. Matte or flat paint is better for walls with a lot of imperfections but the issue is that it does not clean as well.

When it comes to the type of paint, you can usually find latex and oil based paints. Latex is usually preferred because it lasts a long time and tends to be easier to clean as well. Oil has its advantages as well though, working better on wood and trim because it can seal knots in the material better than a latex paint can. There are many brands of paint out there, but Behr or some of the competitive brands are usually a good choice.

Painting your house can be an exciting task, but one that can also cause some headaches. Take your home painting project one step at a time and don’t be afraid to consult the experts at your local paint store if you need help or have questions about anything. It is always better to be proactive with questions rather than waiting until you go too far and then have to do a lot of extra work to get to where you want to be. Once you get it right, you will be happy you did it.

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