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Hybrid Handyman LLC was created in 2015 in order to provide quality and dependable handyman services throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our goal was to ensure reasonable labor rates to our customers, but also maintaining that the company and employees are fully licensed and insured. Since the industry does have some built in risks, we feel that many of our customers are most comfortable knowing that our employees will have the proper insurance when working on any job site.

This company also has a close relationship with Hybrid Construction LLC, a full service General Contractor performing a wide variety of residential and commercial remodeling projects. With this close relationship, we are able to handle all of your repairs, maintenance, or remodeling project needs. No job will be too big or small.

We look forward to serving you.

Contact Info:

Phone – 813-600-0014 (Hillsborough)
Address – 6601 Memorial Hwy, Suite 223 Tampa, FL 33615

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House painting Tips

House Painting Tips

House painting is one of those homeowner chores that have to be done. It's years between paint jobs, but inevitably one is going to have to paint the house and that's why we're talking a look at the good and bad of house painting. Depending on the design of the ...
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Making Home Repairs Before Selling: Is it worth it?

Making Home Repairs Before Selling: Is it worth it?

Given the current trends of the housing market, generally speaking, “flipping houses” is not very popular, nor profitable – of course depending on the area. However, when it comes to putting your house up on the market, in efforts to remain competitive you may feel the need to remodel Or, ...
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How to Pick the Right Paint Colors

How to Pick the Right Paint Colors

Painting your house can be a great way to liven it up or to make it look new again. It is an especially good idea before you decide to rent your house or put it on the market. While painting can be a relatively quick and easy way to improve ...
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Removing a Broken Key from the Lock

Having your key break in the lock can be a major pain, especially if you are on your way out and need to stick to a schedule. Thankfully you don’t have to be a locksmith or even a great handyman to fix the problem yourself. One option that you can ...
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Why We Added A Handyman Service

We started a separate Handyman company because my employee and partner Vincent Tuccio, has been an active Handyman for almost four decades. His experience is unmatched and works perfectly as a jack of all trades. I hired Vinny for my General Contracting business in 2013 to cover miscellaneous carpentry type ...
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