House Painting Tips

House painting is one of those homeowner chores that have to be done.  It’s years between paint jobs, but inevitably one is going to have to paint the house and that’s why we’re talking a look at the good and bad of house painting. Depending on the design of the home, single story homes are much easier and safer to paint.  No need for big ladders and so on.  It should be easy to clean and mask off certain areas and have them just prepped Read More +

Making Home Repairs Before Selling: Is it worth it?

Given the current trends of the housing market, generally speaking, “flipping houses” is not very popular, nor profitable – of course depending on the area. However, when it comes to putting your house up on the market, in efforts to remain competitive you may feel the need to remodel Or, more importantly – and recommended – you will inspect, and if discovered, make the determination to modestly invest in practical, meaningful repairs of walling, roofing, or other critical aspects of your home that requires it. Read More +

How to Pick the Right Paint Colors

Painting your house can be a great way to liven it up or to make it look new again. It is an especially good idea before you decide to rent your house or put it on the market. While painting can be a relatively quick and easy way to improve the value and ambiance of your house, it can also be stressful, starting with the very first decision you have to make- what color to paint your rooms. In the case of a home, you Read More +