Services – Commercial Building Repairs

Our Commercial Building Repair Coverage area in Tampa Bay consists of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. Please see the home page for published pricing on hourly, half day, and full day rates. The commercial portion of our business covers any buildings not considered a single-family house. These may include apartment buildings, condo buildings, office and retail buildings, or motels.

Office or Retail Buildings
Our handyman services related to commercial office and retail buildings is available to handle a wide variety of calls. Typically, we assist owners or tenant with items such as, door and hardware adjustments, furniture removal or relocations, shelving installs, mirror or picture install, small wall or door demo and relocation, single room painting, ceiling tile replacement, debris removal, and trim work repairs. We recommend the hourly or half day rates for our commercial work, however, we can provide any pricing over email with some photos and a detailed scope of work.

Apartment, Motel, or Condo Buildings
The scope of work for these properties is similar to our home repairs section. Many of these properties can be large or multiple stories, which is why it falls into our commercial category. Some of these multiple storied buildings can be difficult to work in and require an approach that understands the logistics and plan to execute the repairs. We are fully capable of reviewing these, sometimes unique, conditions and making sure the job gets done.

Commercial Building Repair